Campus GreenGameWhere you green your campus!

See what you can do about your school's carbon and ecological footprint. Be the first campus to be a net energy producer!

The Campus GreenGame puts you in charge of transforming your school from its current state of exorbitant energy and resource use to a resource conserving, energy efficient, money saving institution.

The Campus GreenGame puts 20 to 150 of your students (and faculty and administrators if they choose) on teams that deal with the current energy, water, and materials consumption of your campus. Using BPSW-developed Campus Greening Templates, players come up with actions, plans, and policies that lead to lowering the campus footprint and that reduce operating costs. Teams deal with buildings, vehicles, energy use and supply, water, food, transportation, waste, green house gas emissions, and other areas. Each team starts off with a spectrum of tried and proven options that other schools and institutions have implemented, and then develops new options and customizes existing ones to your school's unique needs and capacities. During the course of the simulation new options emerge from player interactions and creativity.

There are two versions of the Campus GreenGame:
1. The first is a two to three hour educational event that primarily gets your students involved and informed about what they and your campus could accomplish in terms of greening the school.
2. The second version is a full-day, more in depth program that produces a tangible result that benefits the entire school. This longer version of the Campus GreenGame produces a first draft business plan for the greening of your campus.

Both programs are fast-paced, intense, fun, and learning filled. Both simulations get students thinking and acting from a new and empowered perspective. It provides them the experience of being a responsible member of their community.

The simulations work well as a vehicle for deepening understanding of the complex issues surrounding energy, water, and resource use and efficiency, cost-effective programs, the exploration and development of new options, and the process of problem solving, strategic planning, and implementation in the real world of limited resources.

In summary: The Campus GreenGame is a great way to learn a huge amount about the above critical issues in ways that are focused on actions and constructive change. The simulation happens in a short amount of time in a real world setting while the participants are having fun, doing good work, and contributing to the betterment of the school. The simulation addresses the question— Now what? What actions can we do that will make a difference? And it then provides players with the opportunity to put those actions into play.

(This program is delivered by Medard Gabel, author of six books on global issues, and one of the people trained by Al Gore to deliver his An Inconvenient Truth slide show.)

For further details on how this simulation works and how it can make a real difference on your campus, call or email today!

Changing the world one game at a time.

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