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Interested in doing research into the kind of topics and issues you find on this site?

If you are interested in learning more about the kind of things you find on this site— for example, in our movies or on the BigStrategies pages, or on the Design Science Lab site, then send us an email and say what you are doing in school right now. What are you majoring in? What kind of research have you done before? What is really interesting to you right now? What are your career goals? How much time do you have— 5 hours per week or 25? And tell us why you want to do an internship with BigPictureSmallWorld.

Let us know all this, and we will get back with a spectrum of research projects that we think are matched to your interests, goals and capabilities—and to our needs.

NOTE: These internships are unpaid and involve real research work on your part. They will not be all that easy, but will be interesting.