Your Movie

BigPictureSmallWorld has made a bunch of movies for other people and organizations. We would be happy to make one with you. To find out how we could do this, contact us or call 610-566-0156.

Here are a few examples of movies we have done for others:

Experience Philadelphia!

This movie does for Philadelphia what the BigPictureSmallWorld movie does for the world. If there were only 100 people in the Philadelphia area . . . Experience Philadelphia! provides a big picture perspective on the Philadelphia region and its people. Helps you understand a complex urban environment in a way that does not trivialize or simplify. Doesn't your city or region need a similar perspective?  view>>

Wangari Maathai/Trees for the 21st Century

Wangari Mathaai received the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Africa. She started the Greenbelt Movement that has planted over 30 million trees. As Wangari says, "The planting of trees is the planting of ideas. By starting with the simple step of digging a hole and planting a tree, we plant hope for ourselves and for future generations. Through the process of mobilizing people to action, the Green Belt Movement addresses a wide range of issues that directly affect the lives of individuals, particularly women, and their families, including education, access to water, equity, and reproductive health. People begin to stand up for their rights and those of their communities." This movie, narrated by children, is aimed at motivating youth to get involved with tree planting.  view>

In Situ In You In Sync

This movie was done for Roy Callow, an extraordinary octogenarian English gentleman. It takes a "big picture" perspective on the nature of human existence and humanity's role in the Universe. It is a summary statement of Roy's insights into the nature of the human predicament. view>

Global Inc. to Global Links

This movie was done for our sister site, BigPicture Consulting. It explains the logic, perspective, and method behind one of BPC's main products— how to reach the four billion people currently left out of the global economy. It points out how business can be an agent for global transformation. view>