Woman looking at waveGlobalization’s Next Wave

The bigger the picture, the smaller the world.

Globalization has changed everything. And it is going to continue changing our lives, work, companies, organizations, opportunities, and country. What does it mean for you? What will the next wave of globalization bring? What are the emerging trends that you need to know about?

This presentation provides a BigPicture perspective on the next wave of globalization—which is going to have even more profound impacts on our society, economy, companies, and opportunities.

How can you protect yourself, and more importantly, how can you and your company or organization take advantage of the incredible opportunities coming down the globalization highway? It is the BigPicture that connects us to the whole, enables us to see across borders and barriers, turns data to knowledge, and knowledge into effective action. The BigPicture is the antidote to the toxicity of information overload. You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • What globalization really is and how it is impacting you.
  • What the next wave of globalization is bringing—opportunities and challenges.
  • A clearer understanding of the big picture shaping our society.
  • Challenges, potholes, and the express lanes on the globalization highway.

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