Group of leadersBigPicture Leadership: Program and Training
Leadership for the 21st Century

The bigger the picture, the better the leader.

Leaders create, leverage and manage change; leading in a global society demands that we manage global and local changes. Leading in the 21st Century demands an ability to see the big picture in all the clutter of information overload, to connect the dots, and to have a clear vision of where we want to be going. The BigPicture is the cure for information overload. Learn the Three Ways of Reducing and Eliminating Information Overload. Learn the Five Principles of Global Leadership you need to know to be an effective leader in our now global society.

You will come away from this interactive, multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • Leadership techniques needed to cope with information overload and globalization
  • Leadership skills for leveraging new opportunities
  • The unprecedented power available to leaders in today’s world.

The BigPicture Leadership Program is a one- to two-hour interactive presentation. The BigPicture Leadership Training is a half- to full-day leadership development training. Both point out the everyday opportunities for leadership in contemporary society—and provide the tools for leadership that you can use immediately—in your organization, corporation, or community.

The BigPicture Leadership Program and Training begin with a brief interactive exercise that involves the entire audience in determining and exercising the qualities of leadership that everyone possesses and uses. Vision, values, knowledge, communication, character, initiative, risk taking, perseverance, problem solving, planning, integrity, and action are illustrated in the context of our rapidly changing global technology, economy, and culture. Your role as change agent, responsible leadership in the 21st century, and tools for leading are all covered in this multimedia, interactive presentation.

The half- to full-day BigPicture Leadership Training is an interactive program that takes the same perspective and approach as the shorter BigPicture Leadership Program but is more in-depth and intense. Numerous leadership development activities that involve self discovery, values clarification, goal setting, action planning, communication, and group problem solving permeate the training. The end result is a group of individuals ready to work as a team to engage and change the world.

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