BigPicture Environment

Only the big picture can tell us where we are and where we are heading. Context reveals patterns and directions.

This program begins with a short United Nations Environmental Programme movie (created by BigPictureSmallWorld and UNEP) and then proceeds to deal with what is happening with the world's environment—from the tsunamis of natural disasters to globalization and its impact on the environment; from global warming and biodiversity to water use and the hopeless poverty that traps people in a grim struggle that makes caring for the environment a luxury. Focus is on what we can do as active, informed citizens.
Audience activities are fun, involving, and learning packed—including

  • BigFoot Print (where we see who in the audience has the largest ecological impact);
  • Why Are We Here/So What? (where you figure out why and how the environment is important, and then interview your neighbor and find out what she thinks);
  • EnvironMess (where we learn from each other what our options are);
  • Local Actions/Global Reactions (where we see what needs to be done, who can do it, and how to change the world).

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