Turn Your Cell Phones On!

TURN YOUR CELL PHONE ON! And keep it on.This program features audience participation and tons of valuable information about the most important social tool yet invented. The audience will come away thoroughly entertained, but also with a new appreciation of the cell phone, its revolutionary technology, social implications, and global impact. Games and contests that use your cell phone pack the event. They are fun, funny, and learning packed—including:

  • Cell Phone Heaven (where everyone calls someone else in the auditorium);
  • Cell Phone Bedlam (where everyone’s cell phone rings at the same time—and no one answers—sometimes called Hell Phone);
  • Cell Phone Mystery Caller (where you call your neighbor’s best friend); and the crowd pleaser,
  • Cell Phone Public Exposure (where the unplanned phone call you receive from Mom is put on the house speaker and we all listen in).
  • Other favorites include the numerous Cell Phone Contests where audience names and cell phone numbers are pulled from a bowl and winners get packets of iTunes, the Cell Phone Photo Contest, and Cell Phone Treasure Hunt. And then there is the
  • Cell Phone White House call . . .

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