Here are some options:

1. Bring BigPictureSmallWorld's WorldPeace Game to your school, organization or event. This multimedia interactive event puts you and your group in charge of bringing peace to the world. The WorldPeace Game can be focused on the Mid-East or any other regional, national or global conflict situation. Learn more>>
2. If you are a teacher, download the free Winning Peace Teacher's Guide. It contains over 100 discussion questions plus lesson plans that will deepen, enrich and extend the Winning Peace movie in your classroom.
3. Investigate any of the following organizations and see if any match up with your values and what you would like to do. Get involved with one or more of them and invest your energy, time and intellect in a noble effort to change the world.

(The organizations below are listed as a public service. BigPictureSmallWorld does not necessarily support or agree with all the views expressed on all the sites, nor does it expect you to. What it does hope is that you will think seriously about getting involved in one or more of the groups, and act accordingly. Many wonderful groups have undoubtedly been left out of the list below. My apologies for any errors of omission. Any group that would like to be listed should contact BigPictureSmallWorld.)

Citizen Action/Volunteer (Remember to bookmark this page so you can return after browsing)  (citizen action for peace & environment) (abolish nuclear weapons) (Acts of kindness) (American Friends Service Committee) NetAid (UN) online volunteering) (Public Citizen; citizen action) (Christian Peacemaker Teams) (Do Something; youth involvement in community) (electronic activism) (environment, human rights activism) (National Network to End War vs.Iraq) (Free the Children; anti-slavery) (human rights) (Global IdeasBank; virtual volunteering) (Global Resource Action for Environ.) (peace activism) (social activism) (nuclear) (International Action Center) (end war and racism) (International volunteer opportunities) (Mennonite Central Committee) (ending death penalty) (Citizens Making a Difference, democracy) (non-violent change) (social activism) (non-violence and human rights) (Relief web;humanitarian relief) (Southern Poverty Law Center) (social activism, lobbying)

Information (Afghanistan information) Peacework magazine) (A season for nonviolence) (All Africa global media) (Policy for the Americas) (US foreign policy) (Amnesty International) (Nuclear accountability) (N. Alliance for Sustainability) (anti-war) (arms control) (Alternatives to Violence Project) (anti- nuclear weapons) (Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America) (Buddhist Peace Fellowship) (Campaign vs.Arms Trade) (Canadian Center for teaching peace) (Carnegie Center for International Peace) (Carter Center; peace, social justice) (social justice) (Center for Constitutional Rights) (Center for Defense Information) (Celebrating peace) (Center for International Policy) (Citizen's Network for Sustainable Dev) (clean water for the world) (Council for a Livable World; arms control) (Center of Concern; justice and peace) (Coexsistance Initiative) (Com. Opposed to Militarism and Draft) (progressive news) (money vs. wealth) (contacting congress) (consumer and investors for social change) (renewable energy policy project) (clean energy
) (Center for Third World Organizing) (radio program) (Department of Peace campaign) (nuclear disarmament) (economics of war) (Every Church a Peace Church) (Education for Peace in Iraq) (human rights for women) (Educators for Social Responsibility) (Faculty activist) (Friends Committee on National Legislation) (Friends of the Earth) (Fellowship of Reconciliation) (Foreign Policy in Focus ) (Gandhi Institute for non violence) (Art for peace) (coalition for peace) (Israeli peace organization) (peace) (Mid-East peace initiative) (Human Rights Watch) (Intercommunity Center for Justice and Peace) (Pastors for Peace) (NGO Commission on Disarmament) (Institute for Individual and World Peace) (Peace movement portal) (International Peace Bureau) (Institute for Peace and Justice) (Institute for Policy Studies) (Mid-East peace) (Jews for Racial & Economic Justice) (social justice) (Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) (Lawyers Committee On Nuclear Policy) (Human rights for women & families) (Moving Beyond Missile Defense) (Mid-East Institute) (Media Workers vs. the War) (How Gov't spends our money) (NetChange; students online progressive change) (Catholic social justice) (Not in my Name - Jews vs. the Occupation). (Nuclear Info & Resource Service) (Center on Conscience and War) (National Lawyers Guild) (news and commentary on non-violence) (Nonviolence advocacy) (nonviolent intervention agency) (Not in Our Name; anti-war) (Toronto Coalition to Stop War) (anti-war) (Faith based Nuclear Reduction & Disarmament) (nuclear age peace activism) (nuclear policy; directed by H. Caldicott) (nuclear information) (National War Tax Resistance Committee) (death penalty) ( N.Y. Coalition for Peace & Justice) (Institute Global Communication; social justice; PeaceNet) (Committee Conscientious Objectors;anti-war) (world news) (organizing guide for peace & social justice on campus) (civil society, social justice) (Israel- Palestine Conflict) (pro-peace, development) (resources for prayer, study, action; US) (resources for prayer, study, action; International) (calendar of peace events) (courses in peace) (multi-faith peace organization) (nuclear abolition) (U.S. Peace Corps) (by families of 9/11) (Institute for Cooperation in Space) (Bruderhof Peacemakers Guide) (Northern Ireland) (statements, reports)
(PeaceWeb; communities for peace) (PeaceWay; Quaker peace testimony, exhibit) (People for the American Way; defending democracy) (faith based social justice) (Project on Government Oversight) (international law) (Progressive Review; news, articles, opinion) (Physicians for Social Responsibility) (citizen control of corporations) (redefining progress; sustainability) (resources for peace) (shopping responsibly) (Common Ground; nonviolent alternatives) (School of the Americas Watch; campaign to stop it) (Sojourners Magazine; news, social justice) (small arms eradication) (Global Network vs. Weapons in Space) (Student Pugwash; science and tech in service to humanity) (Peace related merchandise) (The Activist Magazine; Canadian peace org.) (TRANSCEND, peace and development organization) (Jewish-Palestinian dialogue group) (Union of Concerned Scientists) (United for peace) (United Nations portal) (Virtual world government) (Will of the people— decision making platform) Veterans for Peace (military veterans working to end war and violence) (Waging Peace; peace ed programs) (Women's Action for New Directions) (Witness for Peace) (Yes magazine; A Journal of Positive Futures)